Vicki Möllgård

About Me

After over a decade working as a textile designer, making print patterns mainly for the textile industry, I am now back where I started.

Painting has always been closest to my heart and I am so grateful to be able to explore and enjoy art in my life again.

I have carried with me two words: Hope and Beauty. I have not consciously tried to portray them. But I feel pulled towards them for their own sake and hope they seep into my art.

I have always drawn inspiration from the landscape around me; it lends me its colour combinations, shapes, diversities, emotion and beauty. My hope is that it will affect the viewer as it affects me.

My paintings always start with intuitive play. They evolve over time, layers of paint, mark making, sanding away; this allows each painting to find its own path.

Discovering something new and beautiful is such a joy.

It is then time to take a step back and start looking for something that catches my eye. This something is the starting point for what eventually will be a finished painting. My hand slows down and I am more thoughtful in considering design and colour, trying in the process not to loose the energy and allowing myself still to take risks.



UPCOMING   Jul- och hantverksmässa- 24-25/11, Tegelhuset, Reningsverksg. 1, V Frölunda


2023 Studio sale - sept

2023 Gullbrannagården 

2022 Fjällstugan, Jönköping 

2022 Galleri Ulvesund, Ljungskile

2022 Skärgårdssång 

2022 Cykelfiket, Göteborg 

2022 Bredaryds Kulturdag 


2021 Gullbrannagården 

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